8 principles that will help you to change and start a new business

Business is a system in which more persistent people are more successful than the most intelligent. Success in business and work depends on only one person. You are this person and your success is only on your hands. you.

Many people try to start their business and fail for some reason afterward start to blame others for their failure. Yes, it is always easier to blame others, to say that they are scoundrels who are seeking an intelligent, educated, hardworking person to make him or her sick and poor. But in most situations, this "intelligent and educated person" is far from being hardworking. Usually, those who blame others are lazy, they have no motivation and don't want to learn new things. People like than usually sit on their sofa with a bottle of beer and talk about others who “prevent” them from having a successful business. 

If you recognized yourself as one of those people, then don’t despair. We are going to provide you with 8 principles that will help you to change and start a new business. 

  • Believe in your success and ideas.

Everything that you are up to is going to be successful no matter how far the final results are.

  • Learn to share.

A lot of businesses collapsed for a simple reason. As soon as the first money appeared, it was difficult to share it. The solution is simple you need to agree on how you are going to share the money before you started a business. Decide who does what, what his or her responsibilities are, and so on. As a result, you will have a clear money-sharing scheme. Share with others and people will share with you. 

  • Try to inspire your workers with your example.

Even if your company is far from a success, but you still see the possibilities, then you should try to inspire others. Try to find new reasons for motivation and productivity, you may also use gifts, presents, and other encouragements.

  • Discuss problems before they become global.

More than 90% of the problems can be solved before they become global. You can solve almost everything, but it is to act in advance. The sooner the problematic situation is clarified the sooner you will begin to take measures to eliminate the problem.

  • You must appreciate your partners and their contributions.

Even if you contributed more than all your partners. You had an agreement who is responsible for what. If your partners did everything according to this agreement, then it is all fine. But if they didn't, then this is a big reason to talk to them about their contribution and final share. You must appreciate what has been done. If you see your partners’ responsibilities differently, then try to convey your vision to them without scandals.

  • Celebrate all your achievements. 

If something good happens, you sign a new contract or made the first deal you should never allow it to go without a celebration.

  • Listen to other people.

Your opinion is important, but sometimes it is necessary to listen to people who are more competent than you in some areas, even if they beautiful young russian girls. This may help you to reduce your expenses. 

  • Give more to your customers.

We all pleased when we receive and an additional cup of coffee in a café, right? Do the same, give just a little more than you asked to and your business will grow.

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